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The WEEE Transform Project is a multi-component project conceptualized to develop an institutional framework for e-waste management in Nigeria. Piloting in the six geo-political zones of Nigeria specifically in Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Abia, Rivers, Ogun, and Adamawa States of the Country, the project seeks to build on existing initiatives to transition the Nigerian e-waste sector from majorly informal practices (with its highly polluting methods) to a formal method that conserves resources and ensures the protection of human life and the environment. It will facilitate the setup and operationalization of 58 collection centres across the specified States.

E-waste Producers Responsibility of Nigeria (EPRON) in partnership with Abia State Ministry of Environment, Kano State Ministry of Environment, and Rivers State Ministry of Environment hereby invites willing entrepreneurs and social enterprises interested in operating registered e-waste collection centres in the following government-approved areas within Abia State to please apply.

States and Areas

Collection Centres are critical infrastructure in the e-waste value chain, serving as the requisite link between consumers (households, businesses and public and private offices), informal collectors, and the recycling /treatment facilities. These centres will be located within the specified Government jurisdiction and operate according to the prescribed National standards. Their responsibilities will include:

  • provision of e-waste drops off access for informal collectors and consumers;
  • collection and aggregation of e-waste for transportation to recycling facilities;
  • coordination of informal collectors in their assigned jurisdiction;
  • payment of specified incentives to informal collectors and consumers;
  • provision of appropriate receptacles for the different categories of e-waste;
  • ensuring the safe keeping of e-waste without exposure to pilfering, cherry-picking, and adverse conditions; and
  • maintaining accurate electronic records of e-waste collected per collection source and per product category, describing the collection performance and cost indication sent to recycling centres and must regularly report to EPRON in accordance with the specified format and timeline.
    Please Note: Operators of collection centres will be remunerated monthly based on the quantity of e-waste collected and in relation to the space and number of receptacles provided.


  • All interested applicants must have a registered business in Nigeria before applying
  • Must be willing to aggregate e-waste from diverse collection channels, such as collection through municipality, B2B channels,
  • Premises with sufficient space, access control and appropriate anti-theft
  • a sufficient space of at least a minimum of 14 meters by 4 meters dedicated for e-waste storage and having the following features:
    • adequate covering to ensure that e-waste is not exposed to rainwater percolation, liquids, sunlight, or any source of heat.
    • controlled temperature (not exceeding the ambient temperature).
    • adequate lighting and ventilation.
    • shelves properly arranged with gangways for easy movement.
    • impermeable floor ( concretized, etc.)
  • Provide fire emergency and safety equipment.
  • Provide PPE for personnel, and Safe and conducive for workers.
  • Manage e-waste in a way that prevents releases of gases, liquids or solid particles from any e-waste, or component, to the environment
  • All successful applicants must meet all statutory National and State Environmental registration/accreditation requirements
    such as the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA) permit before they can be issued an EPRON operational license.



Inspection of facilities by EPRON and State Environmental Regulatory officials will begin as soon as the applications are received. Selected organizations will be notified by email and will proceed to the training stage. Women and existing informal e-waste operators in the specified areas are especially encouraged to apply as their application will be prioritized. 

For specific information please reach out to us at or on +234 916 772 7425.

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