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Welcome to EPRON

E-waste  Producer Responsibility Organisation Nigeria (EPRON) is a non profit organisation set up by electrical and electronic producers in Nigeria. It is the first Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) for electronic waste in Nigeria.

We work with consumers and producers to ensure the safe management of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) to our health and environment. Our stakeholders also include accredited recyclers and collection centres, who implement our incentives buyback/recovery and recycling programme for consumers.

The organisation was founded in March 2018 with key stakeholders including HP, DELL, Phillips, Microsoft and Deloitte, contributing towards its establishment in Nigeria. The board of directors includes representatives from HP, MTN and reputable experts from the waste management industry.

what is e-waste

E-Waste is a term used to cover items of all types of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) and its parts that have stopped functioning or have stopped serving the purpose it was manufactured for. It is effectively any household item with circuitry or electrical components with power or battery supply. This covers TVs, computers, mobile phones, white goods (fridges, washing machines, dryers, etc.), home entertainment and stereo systems, toys, toasters, and kettles, among others.

EPR Programme

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a policy principle to promote total life cycle environmental improvements of product systems by extending the responsibilities of the manufacturer of the product to various parts of the entire life cycle of the product, and especially to the take-back, recycling and final disposal of the product” (Lindqhvist,2000).

epr programme
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